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Raising Rabbits

WARNING: Don’t even think about starting to raise rabbits or continuing until after you have read this message…
How would you like to start raising rabbits “the right way” and completely BYPASS hundreds of hours of frustration and wasted time that many newbies beginning their rabbit project experience?

Dear Friend and Fellow Rabbit Enthusiast,

Since you are reading this message I will assume that you have already made the big decision or are in the process of making the big decision to begin your rabbit project. Or maybe you already have purchased some rabbits and are looking for more information on how to successfully care for them and expand your rabbitry. Either way, if you are anything like me when I was sitting in your position many years ago, while you are most likely feeling excited you are also feeling a bit OVERWHELMED and maybe even a tad bit confused.

The Good News is that raising rabbits can actually be pretty simple and inexpensive, once you have acquired the right knowledge and skills that the project requires. Unfortunately I do have some bad news… while raising rabbits can be fairly easy and inexpensive once you know what you doing many times it can literally take years of dedication and thousands of dollars out of your pocket to get to that point.

I’m not sure if you have heard my story or not but the truth of the matter is… I wasn’t always the “Rabbit Guru” or “The Rabbit Master” that people tell me I am today. In fact, I actually started out with absolutely no personal knowledge and a single californian rabbit trio that to my surprise I barely was able to find within a hundred mile radius of my house in Southeast, Texas.

Raising Rabbits Trio

The story goes deeper… At the time I was a 10 year old boy starting my 6th grade year at Lynn Lucas Middle School in the town of Willis, Texas. It was November and I was desperate to find breeding rabbits for sale in time for the upcoming show validation. If I didn’t find rabbits for sale within the upcoming two weeks I wouldn’t be able to show my rabbits at the County 4-H Show in the spring and that would have been absolutely “devastating” to me a 10 year old at the time who was really anxious to get started.

Although I was thankfully enough able to find breeding stock rabbits from a breeder located in Livingston, Texas, honestly for the next couple years I didn’t really know what I was doing. To prove my point I literally started out my rabbit project with three rabbits that I didn’t know anything about, transported inside of an used dog kennel and cat carrier inside the back of a mini-van. Luckily enough I guessed right on the rabbit breed that I purchased because I honestly didn’t know much about the different rabbit breeds at the time and my show required a specific rabbit breed. Also I was fortunate enough that the breeder that sold me my first rabbits picked me out a couple descent quality rabbits because quite frankly at the time I wouldn’t have known the difference between a “Bad Quality Rabbit” and an “Excellent Quality Rabbit”, other rabbit raisers that I have met unfortunately haven’t always got lucky with being sold good rabbits.

Purchasing my rabbits was just the beginning of the many struggles I encountered… it literally took hundreds of hours and a substantial monetary investment to even begin getting good results with my rabbits. The first year I didn’t have any bunnies born to take to my county show that I had been so excited about going to. To be honest… it literally took about 3 years of hard work and dedication before I received any substantial positive results from my rabbitry.

The Good News is… once I finally began to develop a good “system” for my rabbitry… things began to change rapidly.

Instead of losing bunnies all the time due to unnatural causes and having to worry about whether or not I would be able to properly take care of, house, show and sell my rabbits…

I finally began to successfully grow my rabbitry!

The next year my rabbits made Grand Champion at my county show beginning a period of several years of really good showing success…

Today I am happy to announce that I have a productive herd of a couple hundred rabbits at my home in Texas and the “californian meat rabbit bloodline” that I developed is in the process of being expanded all across the state and country by the rabbit enthusiasts that have purchased rabbits from me over the years.

Grand Champion Rabbits

So my question for you today is…

Raising Rabbits 101How would you like to BYPASS hundreds of hours of frustration and wasted time that many newbies beginning their rabbit project have experienced including myself?

Even better… Would you like to get your hands on the tips, tricks and techniques that successful rabbit breeders like myself use to grow their rabbitries, care for their rabbits and sell them on demand?

If you answered YES, to the question above I might just have some REALLY GOOD NEWS for you… Recently I have taken the time to assemble a lot of the information that I have learned over the years through personal experience about raising rabbits into a neat 173 page DIY eBook titled: Raising Rabbits 101.

Raising Rabbits 101 is jammed pack with information which will help you successfully begin “raising rabbits the right way” and hopefully help you bypass the majority of the costly failures and frustrations that myself and other breeders have experienced when trying to get started. If you are interested in getting your hands on this one of a kind rabbit book that I wrote up with the purpose of helping out fellow rabbit enthusiasts like yourself you can learn more below…

Raising Rabbits 101 Chapters

Raising Rabbits 101 Target Market

What Folks are Saying About Raising Rabbits 101

“I purchased Raising Rabbits 101 a few days ago and am extremely impressed!! The book answered all of the questions that were previously lingering in my mind about feeding, breeding and housing my future rabbits. With the information I learned from this book, I plan on taking action and beginning my rabbitry sometime next week. I used the terrific website created by Aaron, the author of this book to locate a rabbit breeder about twenty minutes away from my house. Once again, EXTREMELY impressive… I will recommend this book to anyone I know that is interested in raising rabbits.”Don (Texas)

“I got a chance to look through Raising Rabbits 101 more extensively today. Very, very nice job, Aaron! I will get it up on my site here shortly and hopefully will get you some orders soon. It’s an excellent manual and I look forward to helping you promote it.”Ellyn from and (Michigan)

“GREAT BOOK!! I have been raising rabbits for several years now and highly recommend this book to anyone looking to get started raising rabbits for show, meat or pets.”Sarah (Illinois)

“For the last several years, we have struggled with our rabbit project. My daughter had decided that she wanted to raise rabbits to bring to our local Meat Pen Rabbit Show here in Arkansas… unfortunately the first year we didn’t have any bunnies born because we didn’t know the right way to go about breeding our rabbits, after that we just didn’t do very well because our initial breeding stock that we purchased wasn’t very good… all I can say is that I wish I would have found out about your book, Mr. Webster sooner! The information in the book would have saved me and my daughter TONS of frustration and headache. Thanks for putting this product together to help out people like us.”Kimberly (Arkansas)

Raising Rabbits

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